Saturday, November 13, 2010

BMTC buses on Google maps

Starting early November, BMTC buses are routed on google maps. Go to , choose "Get directions", give two locations in bangalore and click on the bus icon at the top.

For now, only Big-10, Vayu Vajra(Airport Volvo) and Vajra(City Volvo) buses are tracked. List also looks at the frequency of the buses at any given time and date and gives you the best suggestions.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

500BM from brigade millenium to ITPL

New volvo service from Brigade Millenium to ITPL.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

341h and 340q restarted

Today I saw a couple of ordinary and marcopolo buses of 340q and 341h running from marathahalli to EC wipro gate. Today the buses reached Wipro at 9:30am, 10.15am and 11:30am. Will keep you updated about the corrected timings and more detailsin the coming days

Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting BMTC Monthly pass now becomes easier

  • BMTC Vajra day pass (Gold day pass) costs Rs 90. 
  • BMTC Vajra monthly pass costs Rs 1500/- if you use your own ID card(PAN card, voters card, company ID etc). This is called Volvo Friendly Pass
  • If you have BMTC ID, Volvo Monthly Pass costs Rs 1450/-  
  • Monthly and day passes can be obtained directly from the Vajra conductor. 
  • Note that none of these above passed are valid on Vaju Vajra Buses(Airport services). Airport services route can be identified with "BIA" in their route number.

BMTC Volvo Bus

Procedure for getting BMTC ID card
1. Carry a stamp size photo of yours.
2. Go to Majestic Bus stand(It is also possible to get this done from Shantinagar from 1st to 6th of every month)
3. Go to the bus pass counter, pay 1450 (For monthly pass) + 100 (for BMTC identity card)
4. Get the identity card laminated from the next counter and you are good to go.
5. ID card is valid for 4 years.
6. For all subsequent months, you can get the new monthly pass directly from the conductor(no need to go to bus stand)

1. The airport buses (with route numbers startng with BIA) do not allow the Volvo Vajra(Gold) Pass. You need to buy a separate Rs2450/- pass for that.
2. Bus pass is valid only for that month, and available from the previous month 29th to current month 7th or so. You cannot buy a pass on th 22nd ans use if till next month 22nd.
3. Volvo passes are only on monthly basis. You will hav to buy new passes every month end from the conductor.
4. Volvo Vajra (Gold) passes are valid for ANY BMTC bus, EXCEPT the Airport Volvo services(BIA routes)

Passenger information system

BMTC buses have started displaying LED displays in some of their
fleets. It displays the name of the next stop and destination. This
probably uses GPS to track the current location of the bus with
respect to the stop, because it works perfectly fine even if the bus
takes a detour and bypasses an stop. In some buses, an announcement is
also made both in english and in Kannada.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Restarting of 341h and 340q

Around March, BMTC had started two Marcopolo A/C bus routes 341h (Marathahalli to Electronic City Wipro Gate via Haralur Road) and 340q(Marathahalli to Electronics City Wipro Gate via Jail Road). However they were stopped around start of May. A reliable source has confirmed that these routes will be restarted very soon. I will keep you posted whenever these routes hit the roads. The cost of the ticket form Sarjapur signal to wipro gate is around rs 15 !


This blog is intended to help those people who are using or are planning to use Bangalore BMTC Volvo or Marcopolo buses for their commute. I plan to post new routes, timings, and news from the BMTC.